23 April 2024

On a few days left to see The Cult of Beauty at The Wellcome Collection

Do go and see this – It's FREE – finishes on Sunday 28th April.

You might say that you aren't interested in hair and make up and how you present yourself, but you'll be missing out by not seeing this fascinating exhibition – it's about the history of self expression and the pains and strange lengths people will go to in order to fit into the latest fashions or to make themselves stand out from the crowd. As such, as with every exhibition curated by the Wellcome Collection, it's packed full of intriguing artefacts, sculptures, products and applicators, as well as ancient illustrations and newly-commissioned artworks. I little things like velveteen stick on mouches (moles), was equally absorbed by old and new forms of body modification as in corsets and surgery.

And do grab a handset and headphones for the audio guide (also free) – I particularly enjoyed listening E-J Scott talking about the Museum of Transology (stop14) where some very thought-provoking points are raised, and David Arnold's 22-minute movie 'Permissable Beauty' shown every half hour. 

Did I mention this is FREE?! Isn't London marvellous! 

There's also a very good cafe and an extensive gift shop, both near the main entrance, and the excellent permanent exhibition on the next floor, albeit recently dumbed down and re-arranged because some people complained that some of the exhibits of human bodies and medical instruments were too explicit. Hmm. Fools!

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