10 June 2020

Pre-occupied during Covid-19

Oh dear... I let this site slip.
These past few months I have been going out for lots of long walks, finding new things and taking lots of photos. But when I get home, the lack of 'normal' daily distractions means I get so distracted and absorbed by other things such as the research about the things I have seen and the tangents they lead me on, that I just run out of time to sort the photos and compile them into something coherent for here.
Also, I now finally have the time to research two different sites in Islington that are both minimally known about. It's become so time-consuming and what I thought would be a few pages of extra notes now looks like two books. Ooh, I'm a writer!
All these people who say they are bored lately are just plain boring themselves
Here's a pic from one of my wanders, nothing to do with the reaserch mentioned above, but just a nice image of Highbury Fields at 6pm on May 14th just after they said we could all go out again:

Which reminds me...
This features on my Green and Pleasant Islington guided walk which I'd be happy to lead for anyone who is interested. Other tours for small groups available. More info here.

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