31 May 2019

I can see your house from here! Caledonian clocktower open through the summer for guide-led tours

The visitor centre is finished, the information panels and plaques are in place and you can now climb 178 steps to the top of the marvellous clock tower that sits in the middle of Caledonian Park – see the clock mechanism and the spaces within and enjoy the fabulous views from the top. Don't worry – the bells won't start ringing when you are up there!
This clock tower used to be the centre of a Victorian meat market that covered a much larger area than we see today. The market was built to take the pressure off Smithfield which had become way too busy, dirty and noisy. In the twentieth centre a huge flea market evolved on the same site. Today it's hard to imagine such hustle and bustle here.
There will be an opening ceremony on Saturday June 8th. Local dignitaries will make their ascent and return to terra firma to cut the ribbon and, no doubt, make a few speeches.
I will be one of the guides there on the opening day so do come along and say hello.
Free tours of the clock tower from Saturday 22nd June and on Saturdays throughout the summer. Please note that places are strictly limited and restrictions apply as regards age, fitness, clothing etc so please be sure to read all the terms and conditions.

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