7 March 2017

Artizans and Labourers in Queen's Park

I have written before about The Artizans and Labourers General Dwellings Company and their establishments at Harrow Road and Noel Park.
This post shows some of their earlier buildings – little terraced cottages along Kilburn Lane in Queen's Park, London W10, built in 1876.

Note how the end of each terrace had a corner shop. Directly opposite these shops is a collection of buildings that looks like there was either a school or a dairy there. I don't know if these were also part of ALGDC. This needs further investigation – I will add it to the list/pile.
If you know anything about any of these buildings, including the ones over the road, please do let me know.
Thanks in advance.


  1. My family lived in Kilburn lane,the shop in the photo used to be a sweet shop & tobacconist.

    1. There are two shops in the photo. Just wondering if you know what they both were formerly? 162 on the east and 160 on the west. Thanks!

  2. Directly opposite was a dairy farm and shop called Higgins Brothers diary. I think it existed before the Artizans built. Apparently it was run until the 60's? I think music studios took it over and ran it for the last 20 years until recently selling

  3. Sorry, no, I don't know what the shops were. If you go to your local central library they will have directories and archival info where this kind of thing can be sourced.
    But beware – what you think will be a ten minute visit will absorb the rest of your day as it's so easy to get sidetracked by other 'finds'!

  4. Sorry, I meant the local library for the area in question... not any local library


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