5 April 2016

Red Brick Reliefs

High above our heads on old façades there are carved friezes, motifs, date stamps and words from the days when buildings were almost as individual as human being –  architectural embellishments as personal jewellery and tattoos. 
I have noticed that quite a few of these are made from red bricks whose rectangular forms can be seen within the images.

In no particular order: Camden, Wapping, Kensington, Borough, Crouch End, Islington, West End
That's it. Please contact me if you have spotted any more of this kind.


  1. I think that are not made from red bricks friend. I see they are made from other material.

  2. It looks to me something maybe softer than a standard brick, yes. What do you suggest?

    1. They are known as rubbers. Yes that's the correct word. So it shows that there's another use for rubbers. Prevalent on the Cadogan estate which is also known as red rose city.

  3. The Gentle Author illustrates a red brick relief in this recent post about Liverpool Street Station: http://spitalfieldslife.com/2016/05/03/a-night-on-liverpool-st-station/


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