20 January 2014

All change at Chambers Wharf

Chambers Wharf, on Bermondsey Wall, SE1, has stood derelict for many decades. Last year the blue boards went up and renovation process started along the road.
An artist's impression on the hoardings shows how shiny new boxes of glass are being built to contain living apartments. To me they look like the kind of boring office blocks you see on city ring roads.
Fair enough, the Old Chambers Wharf cold storage building was rather large but couldn't they have designed something a little more inspiring rather than these huge enormous glass lumps?
Peeking through the fences it's evident that the riverside area has yet to be built on, but, as you can see from a banner around the corner; the locals aren't happy.
Watch this space.

P.S. How much is 'affordable rent' these days?

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