12 June 2013

Horseguards Parade

Yesterday afternoon I found myself ambling down the Mall. There were railings in place all the way down from Queenie's house to Horseguards Parade where I found 100s of all kinds of soldiers and guards taking breaks between practising for tonight's Military Music Spectacular.
Well who knew? I certainly didn't!
Lots of stuff goes on in London of the spectacular and pomp variety that completely passes me by.
Anyway, I stood there for almost an hour admiring the amazing uniforms of the Massed Bands of the Army's Household Division (had to look this up!) with their tassels, pleats, plumes, piping and cords. And the horses too. Gorgeous animals.
It's raining as I write this... They are making a spectacle of themselves right now. Those lovely kilts and animal pelts will be sodden. And the bearskins will lose their fluffiness.
Here's some more info on what the event is all about.
Oh, and Trooping The Colour for The Queen's birthday is this Saturday (just discovered that too!).

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