15 April 2013

Get Britain Writing

Most days I am sat at a computer typing on a keyboard. When I do pick up a pen to write something down in my diary or on a scrap of paper as a note to self it's more often than not a scrawl that I cannot understand when I look at it days later. At school we were taught how to write neatly, with fountain pens using joined up letters. Oh dear. It seems practice really does make perfect. I am sure I am not alone here.
These days it's all texting and touch screens. So I was pleased to read that the art of handwriting is being promoted to coincide with National Stationery Week (April 22 to 28) – Sheaffer, the official partner of NSW, is inviting handwriting enthusiasts in the UK to pen a page of their own longhand which will be analysed by Sheaffer's expert graphologists as part of the campaign to ‘Get Britain Writing’.
Each article of handwriting submitted to Sheaffer will immediately be in with a chance of winning a luxury calligraphy set. 
To enter Sheaffer’s handwriting assignment, simply drop a note in the post to Sheaffer Handwriting Assignment, Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG. For more information visit www.sheaffer.com
National Stationery Week is in conjunction with the National Literacy Trust which carries out a great deal of good work in schools and families across the UK.
Here are some nice pieces of scripts and hand lettering I have discovered in London:
Top: Victoria, Camden, Kings Cross, Covent Garden
Middle: Islington, Leyton, Caledonian Rd, Archway
Bottom: Borough, St Martin's, Charterhouse, Stoke Newington


  1. omg wtf lol!?

  2. Yes off course i am with you ,i remember the way we were tried to write clean and clear.

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