7 November 2012

Hand-painted signs of Kratie and Holloway

Many you will already be aware of Sam Roberts and his excellent work compiling an archive of UK ghostsigns for HAT.
Sam and I met years before this project through our mutual interest in these old signs, and we have since become good friends.
Two years ago he and his wife moved to Cambodia to work for a voluntary services organisation and I wondered how he would manage to keep his own Ghostsigns site and the HAT project alive from so far away. But the internet is a wonderful invention and it has enabled Sam to seek out new signs and information from all around the globe. His regular bulletins about things signy and hand-lettery are a great source of inspiration.
Earlier this year, as if he wasn't busy enough, he started on a new project...
Sam had noticed as he wandered around Kratie, his local area of Cambodia, that there were a lot of old hand-painted signs and many of them were slowly being replaced by modern versions. So he took out his camera and started snapping as many as he could find. Another archive.
He wanted to put them all together in a book and so he approached me for advice about design and layout I ended up putting the whole thing together for him! It was a lot of hard work for both of us but we are very pleased with the end result.
It's now available on Amazon as a book or in Kindle format... buy buy buy it here!!

My hand-painted signs of Holloway:
An earlier post about some of these Holloway signs here


  1. Thanks Jane, still waiting for that Brymay sign to get its kit off...

  2. What a great theme for a book.


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