21 February 2012

Tuesday day is Pancake Day – let's dance our cares away

So went the song we used to sing at school...
"...first you [something] your pancakes
then you toss your pancakes
Tuesday day is Pancake Day
Let's dance our cares away
Hop-sa Leisela
Hop-sa Marion
Dance our cares away
And a second verse finished with 'Dance-a Leisela, Danse-a Marion..."
But I can't find any reference of it anywhere.
To make basic pancakes you'll need eggs, flour and milk:
Top row: Stroud Green, Warren Street, New Cross, Stoke Newington
Middle row: Hampstead, Spitalfields, W1, Brixton
Bottom row: Brick Lane, Amwell St, De Beauvoir, Bloomsbury


  1. Nice song I remember my time in school!!!

  2. I've had this song in my mind too and although your words are slightly different to how I remember it, this is what I recall:-

    Toss saint sizzler, toss saint sizzler
    Do do do do do do
    Toss saint sizzler, toss saint sizzler
    Do do do do do do

    First today is Sunday
    Then tomorrow's Monday
    Tuesday day is pancake day
    Lets dance our cares away

    I have made a YouTube clip of the tune


  3. That's brilliant Ellie!
    Your tune is perfect – exactly the tune I know!!
    I am sure there must be all sorts of derivatives words-wise


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