24 February 2011

Spots V Stripes

Hello, my names's Jane, and I'm in Stripes. Or is it... I'm a Stripe?. Oh I dunno.
Whatever it is, it's a Cadbury's thing in conjunction with the Olympic Games.
Last week I went to a games evening thing organised by phd where we tried to break some Guinness world records. These consisted of daft things like making a bed, stacking coins with one hand, clicking windows closed on a PC, chucking teabags in cups etc.
I didn't win any prizes on the night... I was too busy trying to break the red wine drinking record.
Thanks guys, it was a fun night... see a short vid of the evening here.
More info about getting involved here.
Three coal hole covers, a spotty dog in Mayfair, spotlights (Baron menswear RIP) and chocolate in Piccadilly, chewing gum outside the Astoria (RIP boo hoo) and the base of the Gherkin.

1 comment:

  1. Someone needs to analyse the patterns left by chewing gum on pavements. Does anyone think before they spit... "There's a bit of a gap there, I'll aim for that."? Nice use of images.


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