6 August 2009

Bring me sunshine

I have today loaded up another Urban Sightseeing post on Londonist. It's not as information-packed as some of my previous ones – it's just a collection of images featuring the sun.
Check it out here. And please click the 'Like' star at the bottom of that post if you approve. Thanks.

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  1. And an hour after posting this the heavens opened up again and it rained and rained for hours...

  2. Hi Jane,
    I just had a look at your latest post and was amused to find the mosaic of The Rising Sun and one of the Sunlight signs. I had planned on posting either one or the other on my blog on Monday, hoping to make the sun appear for a bit longer than just a few hours every second day... I think I'll keep them up my sleeve for a bit longer and find something else.
    Have a nice -hopefully sunny- weekend!

  3. I have a feeling that a similar situation may happen again in the future as I do try to be reasonably topical with my collections... Loving your blog by the way

  4. Thanks! A "sunny" alternative could have been the Sun Insurance sign but I may keep it for Friday as it may influence the weekend weather... Instead it's been Iron Jelloids, for a dynamic start to the week!
    By the way, while in Weymouth on Saturday, I came across an unusual Red Lion pub sign: a sun-burnt lion proudly displaying sun glasses on its mane and the marks they left around its eyes.
    Looking forward to your next post to learn more about our great city!

  5. The Rising Sun was my local about 30 years ago - and I can't say I ever noticed the mosaics! Well done on the TO article x

  6. Thanks both, yesterday I got an email from Pete at Time Out to say that the Big Smoke section of the magazine is being dumped so that's the probably the last piece i'll be getting in there for some time. Shame on all accounts. Probably to make way for more articles on shopping and holidays abroad!


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