5 July 2019

An elephantine enigma

Can anyone help with any information about this little theatre/cinema that used to be on Market Road mid-way on the north side between The White Horse (Gin Palace) and Caledonian Rd? 
As you can see it had dancing trumpeting elephants on the front. 
My pic from June 2008
It has since been demolished and replaced though it can also be seen in the Google Streetview 2008 which also shows that it had been demolished by 2012. 
Kelly's 1939 directory
I can't find it mentioned in Chris Draper's Islington Cinemas and Film Studios book. And it isn't listed in the Kelly's street directories – the 1939 listings show a couple of gaps in the numbering, so this would have been at 12-14 or 22-26.
One friend who grew up in the area says he recalls it being called The Electric Cinema or similar.
All help welcome.

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