3 November 2015

Inside the White Tower at The Tower of London

Ooh I love it inside the White Tower with all the gleaming armour.
The workmanship and detailing on this protective bodywear is exquisite.
But it's not just the metalwork that's interesting... next time you are there be sure to take time to look at the wooden horses that for over a century have been used to display the armour – each carved wooden animal is totally unique with its own personality and reminiscent of Victorian merry-go-rounds.

(note Treasures From the Thames)
There are carved wooden faces of some of the monarchs:

Henry V11, Janes I and William (the bastard) Conqueror.
Elizabeth I can be found on the floor below in a different cabinet.
If armour and armoury is your thing, then a fantastic display can also be found at The Wallace Collection (admission free)

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