18 December 2012

Spare a thought for the reindeer

They are in training at the moment for the busiest day of their year.
Some come out to do a few extra jobs pre-Christmas, but most just take it easy and rely on the modelling and promo they do at other times of the year.
See here:
Top: Wimbledon, Crouch End, Regent St, Chelsea
Middle: Chelsea, Holloway, East Finchley, Lambeth
Bottom: Kings Cross, More London, Covent Garden, Hampstead


  1. hi, Jane, The Holloway (living) reindeer looks a bit stressed out and badly nourished - you can see his ribs. Any clue about how he's looked after and by whom?

  2. Sorry, no I don't. Try getting in touch with the organisers at Islington Council... Let me know how you get on.


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