11 June 2010

Football crazy; football mad

My life is already, through no choice of my won, dictated by football; living 5 mins from Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, yet not caring a jot whether they win or lose, I always have to check the fixtures list or the signs at the bottom of my street to see if my visitors can park outside my home without getting a parking ticket.
Due to the traffic disruption it can be a bit frustrating trying to use the bus or tube just before or straight after a match. During these times hoardes of "fully grown" men dressed as overgrown toddlers in three-quarter length trousers, bumper boots, multi-coloured logo'd polyester T-shirts and hardly any hair, fill the streets and pubs and chant rhymes. Ah bless 'em.
Have you noticed that sports news, at the end of the 'real' news on the TV, is really only football news? I fail to see why there even has to be a sports section within the news at all. Surely if people want sports news, sorry, football news, they can tune in to a sports channel? After all we don't get an arts news section on there, for instance.
And now the World Cup is upon us. Oh deep joy.
Actually, what am I saying? I don't mind the World Cup at all. To ignore the World Cup would be daft. It's like not being interested in horse racing and having a bet on The Grand National. Likewise athletics and The Olympics, and tennis and Wimbledon.
So I will be watching some of the matches wearing my stylish cotton T-shirt with 3 lions on it.
C'mon England!!!
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Boots, players, matches, posts, marks
Half, 3 lions, boot scraper
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  1. Great pics for your theme. Glad you put explanations though or the 'Fishing'one would have had me puzzled. But then, I'm just a girl.

  2. Yeah well thanks for that Ronin. This isn't a noticeboard; it's a comments box... i.e. for relevant feedback on the post


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